DTM RW-7EU Label rewinder upto 7″ width



DTM Print’s UW-7 Label Unwinder and RW-7 Label Rewinder make it easy to unwind and rewind large quantities of labels.

They’re perfect for use with virtually any thermal, thermal transfer and inkjet-based desktop label printer, including Primera’s popular LX500e, LX1000e and LX2000e colour label printers.

The RW-7 rewinds the rolls perfectly tight and straight, there’s no need to rewind it properly by hand.

Load up to an 203.2mm (8”) roll to increase your unwind capacity by two times. Tape the printed output onto a 76.2mm (3”) core. Drop the dancer arm and start printing. Your labels will be rewound with perfect alignment and just the right amount of tension for either hand application or on a semi-automatic or automatic label applicator.

UW-7 and RW-7 are sold separately since some people may only want to rewind. Together, they make it fast and easy to produce higher volumes of professional-grade label rolls.


  • Light-weight dancer arm – for use with virtually any desktop label printer
  • Coloured LED indicator provides rewinder operation status
  • Gummed dancer arm attracts dust and keeps it away from the label surface
  • Won’t cause alignment or print quality problems
  • Universal Power Supply – simply change cord set for use in any country
  • Modular core adaptor fits 1”, 1.5”, 2“ and 3” core sizes
  • Easy assembly lock module for quick and firmly label roll holding



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