DTM RW-8EU Label rewinder upto 8″ width

DTM RW-8 Label Winder

Bidirectional label winder with up to 220 mm (8.6″) web width

The RW-8 label winder from DTM Print is the ideal addition for unwinding and rewinding rolls with larger roll diameters and complements the proven RW winder series from DTM Print in the upper range of up to 220 mm web width.

Lateral, stable guide wheels guarantee an optimal parallel and tight winding, which is a prerequisite for further processing, e.g. in a labeling machine.

An integrated microprocessor control allows by means of key control an adjustment of the speed, as well as the reversal of the winding direction. This means that the RW-8 can be used as a universal winder for virtually all printing systems, whether thermal, inkjet or laser printing.

A solid metal construction with installable support arm for heavy rolls guarantees a long service life.


An external rewinder allows you to process with your printer label rolls with larger diameters than the limited capacity of the built-in roll holder would allow. Larger rolls typically have lower costs per label and save the user time reloading the rolls.

  • Speed Settings
    The DTM RW-8 has a control panel that allows the user to set a speed limit as well as the rewind direction (label on the inside or outside). The buttons can be used to set the maximum required speed, while the pendulum arm automatically adjusts the speed from zero to the preset value.
  • Support for heavy rolls
    The open design with a free axle allows easy loading and unloading. For heavy and very wide rolls, an L-shaped support arm is also included, which can be mounted in seconds if required.
  • Automatic stop function
    When a roll runs out or there is another interruption in the printing path, the RW-8 detects this automatically and stops the motor and informs the operator by an alarm signal.


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