LS-Conveyor Standard Size 1500*250*750mm Conveyor System

Model Number: LS- Conveyor Belt
Conveying Speed: 0-40m/minute
Power Source: 220V
Electric Machine: Retarding motor
Power: 120W
Speed Regulation Mode: Electronic stepless speed regulation
Positioning Mode: 2 sides adjustable baffle plate
Belt Width: 200mm
Belt Size: 1500 * 300 * 750 mm
Remark: Standard size
Customization Supported: Support custom size

Application: Glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans, plastic bags, cartons, cartons, labels, etc.

Used to transport glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal, plastic bags, cartons, cartons, labels, etc., easy to inkjet printer or laser machine for online continuous printing, engraving product date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting marks, patterns, etc.


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