Pro1050 Five-Colour Label Printer (CMYK+White)

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On demand in-house printing with a new colour dimension

The OKI Pro1050 LED label printer offers a new flexibility for medium to large run colour label printing. With the unique fifth colour option “white”, the Pro1050 takes creativity to a new level: transparent or coloured label materials are no longer a problem!

Based on full-colour digital electrographic printing technology comprising five LED engines, the Pro1050 prints complete rolls of labels, which can be either rewound or automatically cut into single sheets. Together with DTM Genuine Label Materials, the labels become highly water and UV resistant as well as showing excellent quality.

Labels with Impact. With the fifth colour white the Pro1050 allows much greater flexibility in designing your labels. Print white only or white with colours on transparent or coloured label stock. Indispensable for exceptional designs! DTM Print offers a variety of dry toner label stock starting with matte and glossy papers extending to transparent, matte and glossy polyester films as well as special coatings such as textured or silver, gold, black and other coloured materials. There are literally no limits, your custom made label stock is waiting for you. Your projects are unique and so are the labels !

Ready, Set, Print ! Reliable working operation shouldn’t be the exception. DTM Print includes a pre-installed All-In-One-PC upon request with each OKI Pro1050, giving you more time for your customers and production.

Set Up Jobs In Minutes. Choose NiceLabel Free (DTM Edition) for simple creations of label designs or upgrade for data import and variable data printing. The printer can also be used with other popular label design software such as BarTender and graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator and others. Printing PDF’s? For ease of use you can print straight from Acrobat Reader.

What is LED technology? The printing process is similar to laser printers, fusing dry toner to the label material through a heat unit (fuser). OKI’s digital LED technology delivers high resolution with more accurate, striking printed labels. The digital LED technology requires less space so the printer is compact, environmentally friendly and energy efficient, using significantly less raw materials in the manufacturing process and consuming less energy. LED printheads have no moving parts, making them robust and ultra-reliable.


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